Publicado el 02/02/2012

Yuthu. Community and Ritual in an Early Andean Village

The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology announces the publication of *Yuthu. Community and Ritual in an Early Andean Village, by Allison R. Davis. This book presents Allison Davis’ pioneering excavations at the high-altitude Formative site of Yuthu, in Cusco. Davis presents all her data on early households and evidence for the villagers’ subsistence strategies, craft production, and mortuary practices. From her excavations we learn a great deal about great deal about daily life and public rituals, each conducted in a different sector of Yuthu.

This volume is not only the first excavation report on a Formative village in the Cusco area, but is also a study that contributes new data on many traditional Andean themes—zonal complementarity, sacred landscapes, community composition, mummies and ancestor veneration, ritual canals and religious rites, and intra-village subdivisions.

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